About Us

Our Mission


Our mission is the same as yours! You’re tired of being asked to pretend our current society is normal and so are we! Our goal is to create lasting change through supporting the equality, rights, and freedoms of all Americans.

Can a t-shirt save the world? Of course not. Can it spark conversations that will change the world? You bet your ass it can!

Stay LOUD!



Who We Are


We are a father/son team working together to create a better world for ourselves and others. I’m a 40 year old, Black, cisgender, liberal, Army veteran male with a 17 year old son.

About Liberal Humans - Liberal Minded Company

I started this company to spend more time with my son while simultaneously showing him how to stand up for what's right and to teach him why it's so important. I’m proud of my son’s progressive views and he cares deeply about equality regarding race, gender, and sexuality. Ian assists me with designs and generates ideas based on his generation (between Call of Duty matches). I'm so proud of him!